You Are The Supermodel

You are the Supermodel – Explores each week the wide range of beauty tips and how to's for everyone. A series that allows everyone to awaken the inner Fashion-ista in all of us!!!

Make the most of your look each week as Andrea and Jenny take viewers on a beauty and fashion DAY-CATION: a daily beauty vacation!!!!

Andrea is a sexy, sassy supermodel that has a unique approach to beauty and knows how to design a look that works for everyone. She is fashion savvy and conscious of what every woman wants.

Jenny brings a levelheaded approach to the dos and don’ts of everything cosmetic. With her background in journalism, she will take viewers on product reviews and will test the limits of what products really work.

You are the Supermodel is filled with tips that will inform and educate you to your next level of style and beauty. Everyone can be a supermodel if you just try.

Beauty Cast Babe –TIPS from You are the Supermodel:

BEAUTY: Eyebrows - first go to a professional for a clean-up. This is a must have – no one likes a uni-brow. Then maintain your brows with occasional plucking. This will lift your eye and brighten your appearance.

FASHION: Finding the perfect pair of jeans can feel like mission impossible; but jeans are a must have item in the closet. The first step is to know your size, (yes your real size not the imaginary one we all wish to have) sometimes too tight is just not right!!!

STYLE: Never buy clothes that you have no intention of wearing, or buy one outfit in several different colors making it a uniform! Start with knowing what colors work with your skin tone and body shape and size. Dressing in one color is called monochromatic dressing and it does streamline the body, however, don’t just reserve this for wearing black.